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Posted on 12-20-2017

Today we feature Kelly, another favorite patient of ours! Kelly has made some big changes for her and her family - totaling nearly 50lbs lost this year by just her and her husband! They were a joy to have in our nutrition program, and I’m so excited to see a fellow Active Family embracing whole food nutrition! Read Kelly’s story below.
-Dr. Tucker

“I am a 45 year old mother of three boys; a 15-year old and 11-year old twins. I have always been pretty active, but in 2013 I had an orthopedic injury that left me unable to walk without crutches for six weeks.

After 6 months of physical therapy and rehab, I had lost the routine and ease of regular exercise. Coupled with another surgery in 2015 that changed my metabolism completely, and my addiction to sugar and carbs really packed the weight on me.

Once I was able to really power walk again, it just wasn't enough to get this weight off. I had gained about 30 pounds.

In March of 2016 my husband and I decided we would join Dr. Holly and Dr. Jude in one of their detox/purification, healthy eating classes. I was overweight and completely out of shape, as was my husband. Along with the detox, I also began exercising with kettlebells a few minutes per day - as I had seen a dramatic body change in Holly from exercising with them.

The detox process was tough, I won't lie.

Sugar is a bear to clear out of your system. I was seriously eating between 200-300g of sugar per day prior to the detox. The first ten days or so, I was feeling pretty yucky, but then, something changed and I found I wasn't craving the sugar.

After the 21-day process to detox, I realized I couldn't even eat sugary things anymore; they tasted so sweet to me. I decided to continue this journey of healthy eating and kettlebell exercise 15 minutes per day.

I probably consume between 20-30g of sugar at a max most days. We eat high protein, high fat, pretty low carb and sugar; I eat gluten free and mostly grain free as well.

Thanks to Holly and Jude's classes and support, I have learned to experiment with my cooking to fix much healthier options of my favorite foods. I never feel "deprived" or like I am missing out on the foods I loved prior to changing my eating lifestyle. My husband dropped 25 pounds very quickly and has kept it off. I am down 22 pounds of my 35 pound goal. I have lost a little slower than my husband, but I am continuing to lose. We both feel so much better overall and have more energy.”

Let’s say congrats to Kelly!

Our 2018 Program “10-Weeks to Healthy Living” is open for enrollment now. Shoot us a message!

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